Having a tremendous amount of local and state government experience and talent, JPMonzo Municipal Consulting, LLC is dedicated to upholding the laws of the State of New Jersey and providing your with the tools you need to operate effectively within that framework and environment.


We offer small group training sessions for staff and / or elected officials in the areas of budgeting, capital financing, legislative changes.

Financial and Management Analysis

We offer a thorough analysis of the financial operations of your organization from staffing issues to the selection of service organizations         ( payroll, accounting). This will include a financial positon analysis using nationally recognized metrics. Each analysis will be accompanied by a report to the administration and governing body.


We offer a thorough review of your financial operations to determine if your organization is in compliance with the most recent state and federal regulations.

Temporary CFO Services

Recent changes to the statutes regulating chief financial officers allow for municipalities to hire a private firm to serve as the temporary CFO with permission from the Department of Community Affairs/Division of Local Government Services. We will shepherd you through this process.

·         Assistance with hiring and vetting any CFO candidates

·         We can serve as your official CFO that will enable your town to meet its

state requirements